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Gabby: A Mythical Journey

‘Gabby: A Mythical Journey’ captures the adventure of Gabriella O’Toole, a beautiful green-eyed traveller with flaming red hair, as she battles a Spanish Clan using her newly developed superpowers.


Gabby: A Mythical Journey

This is the story of Gabriella O'Toole, a strong willed gypsy girl from the West of Ireland. Growing up on the family campsites throughout the country she has always been warned of dark shadows sweeping in from Eastern Europe. And so, on the eve of her 16th birthday, the rumours became a reality. The campsite was attacked and her family destroyed. During her escape she develops extraordinary powers, both mental and physical, that enable her to reach a magical Atlantic island, upon which, she would plot her revenge.

Gabby, with her love of nature survives many attempts on her life as she a travels to a magical 'safe haven' on an island off the Atlantic coast. She meets a cast of colourful characters, both animal and human on her journey to safety.

"This Irish book features more than just excellent pacing; Gabby shows extraordinary, inspiring courage as she comes to terms with being suddenly alone in the world." - Gerrit Nuckton, Connemara Journal

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