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Music In My Soul – Maureen McNall

Maureen McNall is a native of Clifden Connemara.

Her story follows the journey from her childhood idyll to her departure at a tender age to a foreign land, to live with foreign people.


Music In My Soul - Maureen McNall

Retired journalist and author Maureen McNall is a native of Clifden. Her autobiography describes how her young world was turned upside down by tragedy, cruelty and exile. She describes her difficulty of living with strangers in a foreign land, how she missed her homeland. The frustration she felt being held back in education and music. Coupled with worry over her young sister.

She writes warmly about how during her teenage years the kindness of people she met meant so much to her and how it changed the course of her young life.

This bitter/sweet honest account of her journey takes us from her tender years, onto her various occupations, her loves, homelife, travels and her brush with the music industry.

It shows us how she battled on with hope to overcome adversity.


'This is a story of resilience and determination, love for one's country and family.'


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