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Omey Island A Geological and Human History

Omey a small tidal Island lying off Claddaghduff in north west Connemara, has an air of magic about its natural and human history.

Drawing on a diverse set of Sources, This book explores as thoroughly as possible Omey’s geology and its long ans turbulent human history.


A Geological and Human History of Omey Island,

by Heather Greer.

This small tidal Island lying off Claddaghduff in north west Connemara Co.Galway. This book explores the geology and its long and turbulent human history.

This book presents much new information and analyses of aspects of Omey that have never been accessible to the public before.

The book also presents Omey Island's history within the broader context - of Connemara, of Ireland, and indeed of the world.

The perspective is that Omey Island has always interacted with, and been influenced by, the outside world. So Omey's development and history can only be understood by considering it as a part of a whole. Even massive events such as the waves of emigration from Connemara must be understood in the context of a desire for liberty - a desire fueled by the Enlightenment, by the French Revolution, by America's struggle for independence, and by major political movements within Ireland such as O'Connell's struggles for Catholic Emancipation and for Repeal of the Act of Union. While famine and despair may have been the drivers, these bigger events made emigration and the dream of a new life seem feasible.

Another Book on Omey is Strands of Omey's Story.


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